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Hi there, I’m Ben!

I entered into University of Richmond in 2007 and from then until I graduated in 2011 with an Economics BA, I volunteered at Virginia Legal Aide and National Student Partnerships (now defunct).  After graduation, I worked as a Mortgage Servicing valuation analyst at SunTrust Mortgage until late 2013, when I decided to travel to South Korea as a certified ESL teacher.  That lasted until 2015 when I returned home and received a similar position of mortgage risk analyst at SunTrust.  In 2016, I moved to Denver and worked as a senior financial analyst.

My latest project is the niche social networking site Catably.  It is founded on my passionate belief in animal rights, love of animals, and particularly my love of cats (especially my rescue cat, Miko).

For more about me professionally, please also visit my Linkedin.

To see more of Miko, please see Miko’s Instagram.